Frequently asked questions


How do I Get my Real Estate License in Idaho?

There are many sources for education and training to obtain a real estate license in Idaho. Read our section on this websites that breaks down the cost, licensing school choices and how to apply for your real estate license. 


If you have been exposed to KW in any capacity, you have probably heard the term CAP used.  The CAP is referring to the maximum amount a KW agent will pay the brokerage from their commission in a rolling calendar year.  The CAP at KW Coeur d'Alene is $21,000 for individual agents and $63,000 for teams.  

Royalty is also capped at KW Coeur d'Alene at $3,000. So the maximum dollars an agent will pay from commission in a calendar year would be $24,000 for single agents and $66,000 for teams.

If you are an individual agent, once you have reached a little over $2.5M in volume, or on average your 4th or 5th transaction in a rolling calendar year, you won’t pay another dollar from your commission to the brokerage for the rest of the year.  

We had an agent close on a $7M dollar listing on the Spokane River and he kept 100% of the commission from the sale, over $175,000 dollars. 

Agents have saved thousands, often tens of thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars from this financial model alone.

WHAT IS THE COMISSION SPLIT at kw Coeur d'Alene & Sandpoint?

At KW Coeur D'alene agents are at a 70/30 split, with a $21,000 cap.  Meaning agents receive 70% commission on any sale, the brokerage retains 30% until the brokerage receives $21,000 in a rolling calendar year.  Once the $21,000 cap is met, the agent receives 100% of their commission for the remainder of the year.  Teams are on the same 70/30 split, but are capped at $63,000.

Royalty is taken at 6% and capped at $3,000.

DoES KW COeur d'Alene Offer Leads?

Yes! Keller Williams Coeur d'Alene offer their unique +LEAD Certification Program that guarantees leads each and every month! More Information  is available on the +LEAD Certification page. 

What is the atmosphere at the office?

KW Coeur d'Alene & Sandpoint promotes an open culture where ideas and suggestions are freely shared. We have a strong Agent Leadership Council (ALC) comprised of your peers, which advocates and supports agents ideas and interests. Our agents have a strong sense of community and support in an environment of learning and growth. We host many weekly and monthly events. Some for training and learning and some just for fun! We are also actively involved with our community through RED DAY and other community events. Learn more about the culture at our offices on "Our Story" page

What are the monthly costs to be an agent at KW Coeur D'Alene?

A lot of agents ask what the costs are to be at KW Coeur d'Alene & Sandpoint.  We do have a monthly fee of $123.50, that covers the KW tech fee, E&O insurance and your MLS dues.  This fee may be a little more or less based on if you are licensed in WA or part of the Selkirk MLS.

If an agent is a member of the Selkirk MLS (Sandpoint) it is an additional $45 per month. 

If an agent is WA licensed only, $25 can be deducted from the monthly fee.

Our agents, of course, have 24 hour access to our beautiful 20,000 square foot office, with touch and go work areas, call booths, conference rooms and training room in Coeur d'Alene and the beautiful office we just opened in Sandpoint.