Success Stories


The Crosleys

Nolan and Eileen Crosley share their story  of how real estate has allow them to embrace who they are.  They always try to put people before profit and rely on the systems at Keller Williams help them thrive in the community and in their business. 

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Aimee Gerome

Aimee humbly explains how she achieved amazing success as a Real Estate Salesperson with no sales experience and how she relies on her training through every transaction.

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Corey Raivio

Corey Raivio shares his transformation into real estate sales after years in automobile sales and as an adventure guide.

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Kyra Beamis 

Kyra tells her emotional journey of how working as a real estate professional has changed her life. Her transformation from a manager at Buffalo Wild Wings to massively successful agent is a true inspiration. 

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Crissy Schinmann

Crissy Schinmann takes us on her remarkable journey with Keller Williams Realty Coeur d'Alene. Starting from humble beginnings, Crissy shares her challenges, breakthroughs, and the strategies that catapulted her to success in 2 short years. This video isn't just a story of triumph in a competitive field; it's a testament to Crissy's dedication, savvy, and the relentless pursuit of her dreams. 

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