New Agents &
Productivity COaching Program

New Agents

Our career path for new agents is to help them not just learn the ropes, but master them. Leveraging mentorship, training and accountability, you will begin a journey from initial blueprint plan to a thriving real estate professional with unmatched support.

Productivity COaching Program

At KW Coeur d’Alene building careers worth having starts with training, coaching and accountability.

Mentorship Provides Measurable Support

It’s not sink or swim with new agents. We offer agents joining KW Coeur d’Alene the kind of intense support that leads to success. We are with new agents for the first 30 career transactions to help them fully transition into KW Coeur d’Alene culture.

The Path to Your First 30 Transactions:


Goal: 1-5 Transactions

When you join us, the onboarding process starts right away with a six-week program. We’ll be downloading the framework from which you will build your career. Training you on all of our core tools, systems, strategies, concepts, and expectations while also helping you define your goals and creating your action plan. Once this process is complete, you will feel confident on how to function within the brokerage, and be prepared to close deals. This isn’t an idle time either as you will be actively lead generating, showing property and likely writing offers. Once onboarding is complete your mentor will work with you to get through your first five transactions as quickly and smoothly as possible. 


Goal: 6-20 Transactions 

Agents receive a productivity coach, curriculum, and the opportunity to receive one on one coaching and accountability that helps them advance to the third level. Agents can also earn the opportunity to get LEAD certified and receive leads. Those agents that have gotten LEAD certified and been in the program a full 12 months on average have netted over $100,000.


Goal: 20-30 Transactions 

Once an agent has completed 20 transactions we will provide additional leverage opportunities through contracts managers and listing coordinators that will allow agents to spend more time with their clients and focus on income producing activities. After an agent has completed 30 transactions in the program they are equipped to step out as an independent agent within the brokerage if they choose to and know they have what it takes to make real estate their full time career.

Want to know how to get leads?  
Our Lead Generation Program for Agents

Agents at KW Coeur d’Alene have the unique opportunity to take leads generated from our Market Center website with no upfront cost. See how adding leads to your business plan can work for you.

Everything you need to succeed!

From training to technology our brokerage works hard to ensure our agents have every possible advantage in their real estate careers. Apply now and get these tools, processes and people working to YOUR advantage today.

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