KW CORE Services


CORE SERVICES: A Benefit to Every Agent at KW

We want our agents to have careers worth having, businesses worth owning, lives worth living, experiences worth giving, and legacies worth leaving.

Whether you are a top agent, team leader, an agent on a team, brand new to the business or getting back into the business, here are the services we provide to help make that happen. 

Coaching & Accountability

We are providing weekly coaching and accountability back to the goals our agents created for themselves. This one-on-one coaching and accountability is with leadership, or in a group setting, depending on your career path. 

Business Planning

Create Your Specific Business Plan

We help every agent in our brokerage create a mission, vision and business plan with weekly actionable items specific to the goals they have for their lives. If we can get this done, we know our agents are 20-40% more likely to accomplish them. 

Training & Career Development

Locally, we strive to offer market-of-the-moment training that empowers our agents to become local market experts and grow both professionally and personally.

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Take Command 

With the majority of clients real estate activity happening online we have to provide an experience that exceeds their needs. Leveraging technology to help our agents accomplish this is key.  Our proprietary CRM, website, and app platform KW Command is that experience.  With front-end sites that are easy for our clients to navigate and search, to the back end CRM that has the built-in tools and systems, powered by artificial intelligence that simplifies the daily activities for our agents, making room for the reason they got into the business to begin with — people. Command provides our agents the freedom to be more human and more present for their clients, while also providing them the ability to build and promote their unique brand.

Built by agents, for agents, Command was created to maximize your every move.

Command Your Database

Do what you do best and automate the rest.

Easily group and organize your contacts for timely, automated follow-up and lead generation, then use SmartPlans to design specific (automatic) communication plans for each one.

Command Your Transactions

Manage your entire book of business from one dashboard.

Streamline your appointments, listings, deals, and projected revenue from one convenient location. Opportunities show you the road ahead and keeps tabs on your cash flow.

Command Your Marketing

Deliver leads to your pipeline with an effective, multi-channel strategy.

Peruse a library of over 1,400 ready-made templates to point, click, and customize beautifully-branded assets. Using real-time market data, launch dynamic ads in Campaigns, then optimize future actions with reporting and analytics.

Command Your Consumer Experience

Keep your client data where it belongs – with you.

Build deeper, more meaningful relationships with your leads, contacts, and entire SOI. Lead capture and share listings on your website, then keep your KW App close at hand to stay ultra-connected to your clients, guiding them through their journey with care.

Command Your Network

Tap into the largest, most-profitable real estate network on the planet.

Find trusted partners, negotiate, and arrange specifics while keeping your finger on the pulse of every deal. KW’s worldwide presence is 50 regions strong, with more on the way.

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