+LEAD Certification


Our Lead Generation Program to Enhance the Agent Experience


Agents at KW Coeur d’Alene have the unique opportunity to take leads generated from our Market Center website with no upfront cost. Leveraging multiple lead sources our marketing experts are able to produce a consistent stream of leads for our agents. 

Qualifying agents will be taught the best practices for converting these leads with a 6 week program designed to maximize their success.

We generate hundreds of leads each month

Our Website Resources 

The KellerWilliamsCDA.com website is curated with some really useful information to buyers. Chocked-full of community guides, market information and detailed information on all our listings gives our buyers the foresight they need to make an informed decision on where and which home to purchase. 

Our website managers are constantly updating our guides with relevant information about beautiful North Idaho. We inform our buyers on the best ways to discover all the great information on our site and keep them up-to-date on all the latest community and real estate market information.

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